Practice Areas

Our firm focuses on all aspects of estate, probate, and inheritance law


Estate Administration (Probate)

After the death of a family member or close friend, you may be needed as the executor or administrator of their estate.  The legal estate process, also called probate, is collecting the assets, paying the debts, and distributing property to heirs.  Losing someone important to you is often a stressful and emotional time in your life. Our attorneys and staff will make the estate process as easy as possible for you and treat you with compassion and care. Learn more here.

Estate Disputes and Litigation

If a dispute over an estate or inheritance has divided your family, get representation from an attorney with over 20 years of experience with litigation and settling delicate family related disputes.  We handle a range of issues such as misconduct of executors or beneficiaries, challenges or interpretation of a will, and undue influence.  Learn more here.

Avoiding Disinheritance (Spousal Elective Shares)

Disinheritance happens when your family member creates an estate plan that leaves you little or nothing.  Surviving spouses can use the North Carolina elective share law to claim a portion of their deceased spouse’s assets.  We have helped our clients get houses and land, bank accounts, vehicles, and retirement accounts.  There are strict deadlines, so please contact a knowledgeable inheritance lawyer as soon as possible.  Learn more here or in our blog articles.