North Carolina Estate Litigation Lawyer

Some people call us because the person running the estate is not communicating and acting suspiciously.  Other times it’s much worse: there is a new last minute will, or valuable assets have “disappeared.”  Or maybe we hear from the executor of a will who is trying to deal with an unreasonable demanding family member.  If a dispute over an estate or inheritance has divided your family and upset your plans, come to Laskody Law Office, PC, the estate and probate litigation law firm for the help you need.

Get representation from an attorney with over 20 years of experience with litigation and settling delicate family related disputes.  We understand the emotional and financial costs of lawsuits are high and try to resolve the conflict as efficiently as possible.  In litigation, more is usually not better.

Some estate and probate disputes are dealt with by the Clerk of Court, while more complex issues are decided by a superior court judge.  Our office handles both types of cases.  Whether your issue is simple or complex, you will get quality advocacy and caring service from your attorney.

Litigation in probate court is high stakes. You need a caring, skilled lawyer to stand up for you. Contact us at Laskody Law Office, PC, at (919) 589-3979.

Protecting Your Inheritance; Reputation For Results In Estate & Probate Matters

Clients hire us to protect their inheritance and get fair and legal results.  Here are some examples of situations that our clients are facing:

  • Spousal disinheritance / elective share
  • Mishandling or stealing assets
  • Undue influence
  • Incompetency
  • Proof of heirs, devisees, or beneficiaries
  • Improper changes to a will or trust
  • Misconduct of executors, trustees or beneficiaries

If you are concerned about your rights as an heir or beneficiary, contact the estate & probate litigation attorneys at Laskody Law Office, PC.