We Treat Clients like Family

When you sign up with our firm, you join our family.  We treat clients the way we want to be treated.

Transparent Fees

  • easy to understand
  • predictable
  • affordable

Clients of traditional law firms dread their lawyer’s monthly bill.  They don’t know how much it will be, but know it will be a lot.

Our clients are never surprised.  Our fees are usually contingency – we earn a percentage of what we collect for our client.  In some cases we also offer flat fees – a fixed amount for the case or for each stage of the case.


  • easy to reach
  • accessible
  • clear expectations

The most frequent complaint against lawyers is lack of communication.  Our clients can contact us by telephone (always answered by a person) or by email.  We are dedicated to answering within 24 hours during weekdays.  Clients can also schedule phone calls online.  We make sure our clients understand the legal process, and have realistic expectations about timelines and results.

Process & Results

  • financial
  • relational
  • emotional

Collecting as much as possible for our clients is an important goal, but our clients often have other goals and interests.  Litigation is usually a slow, stressful experience for our clients.  Going after every dollar often adds more time and stress to the case.  We work with our clients on finding the right balance.  In some cases, our clients will have continuing relationships with the other people involved in the case, and do not want to destroy relationships.